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What is 3D printing ?

3D printing is a way of making objects from different types of plastics. The objects are built up from very thin layers sometimes as thin as a few 100’s of a millimetre.

In this way it is possible to make solid objects. Because of the way things are built it is also possible to make very complex things in one process.


What Is 3D Printing Useful For ?

3D printing - also often called: Rapid Prototyping - is ideal for a number of situations where traditional injection moulding might not be suitable.

3D printing is ideal:

  For when only a single item or a few items are required.

  For producing proof of concept models

  For replacing broken household plastic items   For the making of Jigs and unique items of all types.

It is not suitable for making 1000’s of identical items or where 100’s of items are needed in a hurry.

How Strong Are 3D printed Items ?

If printed correctly, with the right material they are every bit as strong - in some cases stronger - than injection moulded items.

What Materials Are Available ?

It might be easier to ask what is not available.

There are many different types of plastics, from pla to polyurethane. There are materials that look and behave like wood, there are flexible materials, nylons, food safe, hi temperature and many others.

If in doubt just ask :-)

How Can We Help You ?

We offer a comprehensive consultancy and rapid protyping service. From taking your idea and turning it into a printable 3D design, to Advising what and which machines might be suitable for your business.

Supplying and installing 3d printers, as well as onsite training in the machines and software.

3D printers can cost as little as a few hundred pounds up to hundreds of thousands of pounds. We can determine the right one for you.



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